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API (http) services

Ip2Geo API service

This service will locate the geo-location of a specific ipv4 or ipv6 IP address. The service uses a combination of public databases, services and exceptions made on the basis of tests in order to get more accurate results.

Device API service

Service that detects devices. The service is based on serUser Agent`.

WHOIS MK domains API

Service that checks the registrants of the MK domains.

HTML scraper API

Service that parses HTML into JSON structure using xPath selector logic.

Open Graph (OG) API

A service that reads Open Graph meta data from a specific site.

Feed to JSON API

This service is a kind of API for quickly and easily converting an RSS feed to JSON.

NBRM exchange rate API

This service is a simple and fast way to access exchange rates for known currencies without using a SOAP client ...

Zodiac API

This service is a simple and fast way to integrate horoscope content into your webmail, mobile application ...

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