Business Intelligence Analysts/Developers

Business Intelligence Analysts/Developers

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додадено: 20.09.2022

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We are looking for a software developer to join our Business Intelligence team. We want someone who is detail-oriented and curious enough to ask “why?” An excellent candidate is a person who understands industry best practices and has experience with cod
Karpa candidate technical qualifications: Good understanding and some experience in one or more of the following Python, shell scripting, MySQL, MongoDB, spreadsheets A plus if already familiar with: JavaScript or PHP. Karpa candidate non-technical qualifications: Strong verbal and written communication skills in English Disciplined, responsible, and reliable person Comfortable working independently as well as with a team Open to learning new technologies. An organized approach to work A logical, analytical, and creative approach to problem-solving A thorough, detail-oriented work style. Available to work late morning to evening hours overlapping EST timezone morning to afternoon work hours.